*tap tap* is this thing on?

wow. remember me? i haven’t updated this bad boy in ages. honestly, i didn’t even look at the date of my last post. it’s been that long! i’m a bad blogger, as i figured i would be.

but there’s been lots going on in the one curly fry household that has kept me busy. we put our house on the market and we’re moving (once it sells). holy stress, batman! i absolutely HATE selling a house. this is my first time, and i don’t recommend it.

we’re going to move from the ‘burbs into the big city, so we’re really excited. we’re just ready for the house to sell and to close this chapter of our lives. we’re ready to begin the new chapter.

so in the mean time, we’ve been selling stuff on craigslist (can’t wait til that’s over!) and i’ve been stocking up on groupon deals for different restaurants/food places/etc down in the city. we bought quite a few and can’t wait to use them once we move! click the link above to sign up for groupon – it’s so neat! they have some awesome deals. i know i’ve mentioned it before – and i’m saying it again! :p

hopefully the next time i update i can say that my house in under contract…*fingers crossed*

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  1. That is awesome that you are moving to the city! I’m jealous – (then again, you’d have to pry me out of Manayunk *LOL*) You’ll have to keep us posted on the move.

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