I’m still full! Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival 2010

This past weekend was the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival. I saw that Sunny Anderson was doing a Sunset, Sliders and Spirits Party at Caesar’s and I had to get tickets. I keep up with Sunny on her blog and via email, I watch Cooking For Real every Saturday at noon, and I’m such a fan of hers! So I was so excited at the opportunity to finally meet her! And it doesn’t hurt that she loves cats!!

Last year I went to the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival, but we got tickets to the Melting Pot Event. Now, if you were keeping up with me last year at this time, you’ll know what a bad experience it was.  For those that are new or need a reminder, here are the blog posts:

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So my friend Nancy and I were heading to Atlantic City for Sunny’s party, so I figured why not just make a stop at the Atlantic City Melting Pot while we’re there? So we took Charlie up on his offer and made a reservation for Saturday at lunch. We had a wonderful meal there. Everyone was so polite and it was a great experience. We had the opportunity to talk to the District Manager and that was nice. I told him I was so happy I got the chance to talk to the General Manager, Charlie, and that I felt bad for everything they went through in regards to the event. Our lunch on Saturday was out of this world and I’ll definitely go back there the next time I’m in Atlantic City! So I want to say Thank you again to Charlie and the rest of the staff at the Atlantic City Melting Pot!

After lunch, we rolled over to our hotel to check in! We only had a short time to relax before we had to get ready to head over to the Rooftop Pool at Caesar’s! Our friend Heather swung by to pick us up. We arrived at the party and it looked awesome! Everything was perfect! There was definitely plenty of food and drink for everyone!! The sliders were delicious, and I’m still thinking about the one cocktail I drank during the party!

Sunny told me that she was going to find me in the crowd – so I didn’t say a word when she walked in. She found me! It was crazy!! It was so good to finally meet her! We took pictures and then she went and mingled!

Sunny Anderson & me!

Here’s Nancy, Sunny Anderson, me and Heather

Later on, she gave us wrist bands to get into Sandra Lee’s Sweet & Stylish Party which was right after her party. I’m a dessert lover – and this was DESSERT OVERLOAD! I never thought I’d turn down a dessert, but I had to that night. And the drinks…oh the drinks. It was all so good. And don’t ask me how we ended up walking out with a dozen CUPCAKES!!!

So near the end of the party we were chatting with Sunny and she invited us to the Neely’s Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues on Sunday morning. It was so nice! There was tons of wonderful food and great company! She came and sat with us and we had a wonderful time! We’re so thankful that she made all of this possible! She’s so fun to be around! And she’s one of the nicest people I know.  I definitely look forward to hanging out with her when she’s in Philly the next time!!!

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  1. That is awesome and the pics are fab!!! I’m so glad you had a blast! Any chance you are heading to the NYWFF?

  2. I’d LOVE to go! I don’t know if I can get any of my friends to go though!

  3. I’m heading up for one of the events (the PR panel) but I know Sunny has a demo going on at the same time (I’d have to skip it as it conflicts – drat – daggone work!) but you are more than welcome to ride up with me.

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