Soft M&M Cookies

We all know that I love baking. I’m a huge fan of Cupcakes, but I also love me some cookies. But here’s the thing – they need to be soft. And chewy. I don’t like hard cookies. So I really only like Chocolate Chip Cookies that are straight out of the oven. Warm and still gooey. When I make cookie dough, I only bake what will be eaten right then and there. You’ll never find me baking a whole batch of cookie dough unless I’m taking it somewhere for a party.

The key to a really good cookie is to let the dough sit in the fridge and rest.  I never bake cookies right away after making the dough. Yes, it’s hard not to do that, but I just eat a little cookie dough while I wait! Haha.

I’m on the mission for the perfect Soft M&M Cookie recipe. Candy + Cookie = Perfection. Am I right? These cookies have both chocolate chips AND M&M’s in the dough. Say whaaaat?! Yup. So it’s like a double whammy. Let’s take a peek…


M&M Cookie Dough Close Up

Let’s see what these bad boys look like all baked and ready to eat…


Soft M&M Cookies

Don’t they look amazing? So pretty and colorful. So if you’re interested in making these Soft M&M Cookies, please visit Averie Cooks for the recipe! In the mean time, I’m probably at home baking up a few fresh M&M cookies and mixing them with some homemade vanilla ice cream! I love a Cookie Milkshake!

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  1. Claudia

    So mouth watering! That looks irresistible.

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