Speakeasy at the Philadelphia Wine School

First Friday isn’t just all about the Arts anymore.  It’s not just about Wine. It’s also about Cocktails! You can get some fabulous beverages and learn a lot all in the same night! Who’s game?

On First Friday at the Wine School, it’s not just about wine anymore. It’s a night of wine, beer, and cocktails.  Enjoy a free flowing night of education with Keith Wallace, director of the Wine School, this Friday, March 2nd from 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM.

It’s not surprising that a guy who has worked as both an executive chef and winemaker can make a decent cocktail, but Keith is a freaking cocktail whisperer. It all started with his book “Corked & Forked” (Classic Sazerac, Cilantro-Mint Mojito, Cantaloupe & Gin Popsicle, Black Pepper Martini.): Then he married a sommelier last summer, and created four signature cocktails for the reception (Cucumber Mule, Loop Tonic, The Louis Kahn).

Now, he’s a bit cocktail crazy. On Valentine’s Day, he made the world a better place (or at least a bit less sober) by premiering another four amazing cocktails (The Black Keys, Winter Peaches, the Flowery Mule and Lavender Royale). Now, he’s unveiling new cocktails every First Friday.

This week, he is premiering four new cocktails along with a fantastic selection of wines and beers. This is even better than ever, and very exciting, because these cocktails are being designed for a posh Philly restaurant (which one? We can’t kiss and tell… yet).

We offer a speakeasy education every first Friday. It’s for people who are passionate about what they drink –and want to learn– but are looking for a more informal and social event. Pricing for this evening is $45/person.


Located at 127 S. 22nd Street in Philadelphia, the Wine School is the largest independent wine school in the country. We offer consumer and professional classes. For more information contact Alana at alana@vinology.com

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