Ms. Goody’s Got It!

I live in Center City, and I don’t really frequent other parts of the city. I usually stay in Center City and explore that area. But when I heard that there was a Cupcake Shop in South Philly that I hadn’t tried yet, I knew I needed to stop by.  Ms. Goody Cupcake is located at 1838 E. Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia. My favorite thing to blog about it is cupcakes, so I was super excited for the opportunity to try hers!

It was a beautiful day out and I decided to pick up six different flavors. Because I have to tell you – three or four just wouldn’t have been enough.

Vanilla Cupcake ~ Vanilla Icing

So as you can see, Plain Jane is just your normal, everyday cupcake. I thought this was a good cupcake – the cake wasn’t as moist as I would’ve liked it to be, but it wasn’t dry. The icing had the perfect sweetness and I enjoyed it a lot. So if you want a basic cupcake, this is the way to go!

 Chocolate Cupcake ~ Chocolate Icing

As we all know, Mr. Curly Fry is alllll about chocolate. So whenever I’m picking out cupcakes and I get something that has to do with chocolate, he’s a happy camper! You can definitely say he’s Crazy for Chocolate. This one was okay – I had some issues with the consistency of the cake. It seemed a bit crumbly or something – but it did get a bit better as we ate it. The icing was very good – it complemented the cupcake very well.

Banana Cupcake with Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter Frosting topped
with Chocolate Covered Bacon

It looks like it’s time for confession. I’ve always been quite nervous to try bacon and chocolate together. I love bacon, and I love chocolate. But I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about them together. But when I saw this cupcake I just knew I had to try it. Look at it – it’s beautiful!! And I must say – I’m a fan! The cupcake had a very nice banana flavor, and you could see the bits of banana in the cake that made it moist. The chocolate chips added a nice sweet note to the cupcake that wasn’t too over-powering. I love peanut butter frosting and this was very good – I think I’d just like a little more peanut butter in it though. But overall this cupcake was DELICIOUS and definitely one I’d get again.

Chocolate Cake Filled and
Topped with Chocolate Mousse

This had Mr. Curly Fry’s name on it as soon as he saw it. The Mousse made the cake soft and super moist. The chocolate mousse that was in the middle and on top was fluffy and full of chocolate flavor. This cupcake was gone in no time. I think he could’ve eaten at least six of these bad boys! This was definitely a winner.


Confetti Cupcake
Vanilla Buttercream

After eating this Birthday Wishes cupcake I really did wish that I had a few more. I have to say that the cupcake was so moist, it was out of this world. This had to be my favorite cupcake of the night – and that’s saying a lot since we enjoyed them all! The cake was just so light, soft, and fluffy – I couldn’t get enough of it. The icing was the perfect  sweetness (not to mention plentiful!) and the sprinkles added a little bit of happiness to the whole package.


Cinnamon Cake with Whipped
Topping and a Snickerdoodle Cookie

When I picked this cupcake out I figured that I’d be stuck eating the whole thing since I didn’t think Mr. Curly Fry would be into it that much. Boy was I wrong. He ended up eating the entire thing (Don’t worry – I did get a bite!). This cupcake was pretty good – not really all that soft and moist, but not necessarily dry. It seemed kind of coffee-cake-like.  It had a very cinnamon-y flavor to it. It had a Whipped Topping on it that was not too sweet, and seemed kind of marshmallow-y consistency. Mr. Curly Fry said it felt like he was eating a Cinnamon Roll (which he LOVES).  So yet again, another winner!

So I have to say that Ms. Goody Cupcakes is definitely near the top of our list of Cupcake Shops in Philly. The cakes were consistently good and the flavors are ever-changing. She has like 12 flavors of cupcakes daily! There are a few other flavors that I’m dying to try that she didn’t have when I stopped in. I mean really – Chocolate Covered Potato Chip Cupcake – how good does that sound? And I’m always a sucker for a good Cookies n Cream Cupcake as well. So as you can see I need to make it back to Ms. Goody Cupcakes as soon as possible so that I can try out some more flavors!

1838 E. Passyunk Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19148
Hours: Tuesday – Thursday 11am – 7pm
Friday – Saturday 11am – 9pm

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