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As we all know, I’m a huge Pastry Arts connoisseur. I could quite possibly live off of cupcakes and raspberry pie for the rest of my life if I needed to. I’ve taken the Intro and Intermediate Pastry Arts classes at the local Restaurant School, as well as a few other classes. And they were all dessert/pastry related. What can I say? I have a sweet tooth. I’d take a cupcake over potato chips any day.

But let me get to my point here. I signed up for the Intro to Culinary Arts class at the Restaurant School. I know how to cook. I love cooking. But I want to learn more. I want to be an expert. I want to be more confident in the kitchen with a knife. I also want to try some new foods that I otherwise would shy away from.

It’s a 6 week Curriculum, and here’s how it looks…

Week 1: Knife Skills and Safety
Week 2: Classic & Contemporary Sauces
Week 3: Grains, Potatoes and Vegetables
Week 4: Homemade Pastas and Sauces
Week 5: Dry Methods of Cooking
Week 6: Moist Methods of Cooking

Some of the recipes include: Braised Chicken Legs with Tart Green Apples, Mussels Steamed in Beer, Zucchini Bread, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Pan-fried Eggplant with Tomato Concasse, Pesto Sauce, Fresh Egg Pasta, Cheese Filled Peppers with Pesto Sauce, and Wild Rice Pilaf.

As I did with the Pastry Arts course, I’ll share with all of you what I learn in class and the dishes that we make.

Tonight is Week 1. Knife skills and safety. I’ll get to use that lovely new chef knife I got for Christmas. And here’s hoping that you don’t hear any ambulance sirens between 7pm and 9:30pm.  My goal is to keep all of my fingers!

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  1. OK – now that is a killer curriculum and fresh pasta? I’m jealous now! Knife Skills class is a must – however I think you will do much better than I did 🙂 I don’t foresee you cutting off any fingers or rushing to the hospital. Good luck and can’t wait to read about it.

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