It is March Madness at Pamcakes!

It’s March Madness and that means there are a few seasonal flavors available at one of my favorite cupcakes spots here in Philadelphia. This weekend Pamcakes introduced the Irish Car Bomb and Mint Cookies n Cream cupcakes so you know I had to stop by and pick them up so that I could share them with you! I mean, it would be totally wrong if I didn’t do that, right?

In addition to those two seasonal flavors, I picked up another cupcake that I haven’t tried yet. Yeah, I know, I’m surprised there’s a flavor I haven’t had yet too! I just got back from Vegas where the weather was absolutely gorgeous – high 60’s, low 70’s every day. I came back to Philadelphia and it was quite chilly! So needless to say, I’ve got spring on my mind so the other flavor I picked was Strawberry Lemonade. Yum!

So let’s cut to the chase…

Isn’t that a beauty?

It took everything I had in me not to dig into that cupcake as soon as I brought it home.

I should’ve had dessert before dinner.

I love the shamrock sprinkles on top – how festive!

This cupcake features a Rich Chocolate Guinness Cupcake, Irish Whiskey Ganache Filling & Bailey’s Irish Buttercream frosting.

Sounds divine, doesn’t it?  Well, it was.

As usual, Pamcakes hit the nail on the head. The flavor was on point.

I mean…I could smell the booze when I cut into the cake.

Doesn’t that say enough right there?

And that Irish Whiskey Filling? Oh my. I couldn’t get enough of it!

I love Cookies ‘n Cream. It’s one of my favorite flavors ever. Ask anyone.

So you know I had to try this flavor with a mint twist when it hit the Seasonal Menu.

Now as I’ve said before, I’m not a huge mint fan, but I do like the flavor,
so I usually don’t mind giving it a chance.

I know this isn’t a Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Cupcake, but I was definitely confident that Pam could definitely beat the pants off of Crumbs Bakeshop if she were to make one. And even this Mint Cookies ‘n Cream Cupcake was waaaaay better than the cupcake from Crumbs. By far.  And this doesn’t surprise me at all since I think very highly of Pamcakes, and I haven’t really had anything at Crumbs that really impressed me.

This cupcake features a Vanilla Cake blended with Mint Oreo Cookie Crumbs, topped with Vanilla Mint Buttercream and Cookie Crumbs.

One word for this…LOVE. I adored the Vanilla Mint Buttercream.

It was the perfect combination of Vanilla and Mint. It wasn’t too overpowering.

I think I’ll look forward to this one every March!

I can’t believe it’s already time to Spring Forward next weekend, can you?

I swear I was just basking in the glory of my extra hour of sleep!

But I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather, longer days, and not having to wear a coat.

Baseball season is coming up soon too! Right now it’s Spring Training.

So this cupcake is the perfect way to get ready for Spring.

This cupcake features a Lemon Speckled Cake topped with Sweet Strawberry Buttercream.

Now I’m a huge fan of the Pucker Up Cupcake because I’m all about lemon. I love it.

So I knew I had to try this one. And it was definitely a keeper!

This was one of our favorites.

The cake was so moist, and the strawberry buttercream had the perfect amount of strawberry in it.

After we finished it, we wanted more.  But hey, what’s new?

What’s your favorite Spring Cupcake flavor?

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  1. I love these Pamcake features :) She needs to open a spot in Manayunk (or I just need to get my butt to the city!)
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