Hashbrown Crusted Breakfast Casserole

Sometimes I get tired of the same old things for breakfast: a banana, yogurt, raspberries, strawberries, a granola bar, etc. So I wanted to find something I could make ahead of time and have ready so I could grab & go while heading out the door to work. Now it doesn’t have to be something to eat on the go, because I like sitting at my desk to eat. I’m not a fan of walking down the street eating a breakfast burrito. If that’s your thing, that’s fine! It’s just not how I roll.

So I was browsing online and I came across a Hashbrown Crusted Brunch Casserole from Just A Pinch. I thought it looked pretty good so I figured I’d give it a try. I wanted to change a few things in it though, so what I put below includes my changes. You can see the original recipe here.


  • 1 package Simply Potatoes Shredded Hashbrowns
  • 1/3 cup butter, melted
  • 2 Shallots, chopped
  • 1 cup Bacon
  • 3 Scallions, diced
  • 1 cup New York Sharp Cheddar
  • 5 eggs
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • Salt & Pepper



Preheat oven to 425 degrees.
Mix the melted butter, hashbrowns, shallots,  salt and pepper.
Press into a 8 x 8 greased pan.
Bake 25-30 minutes or until potatoes start to brown.
Remove from oven and reduce heat to 350 degrees.
Top with Bacon and Scallions. Top with Shredded Cheddar Cheese.

Whisk the eggs, 1/2 teaspoon of salt and freshly cracked pepper. Pour over the top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 – 25 minutes until top is golden.

Okay, I must say this was very delicious! Sometimes I’m kinda leery about reheating eggs, but this tastes very good reheated in the microwave. I’d definitely make this again and try some different things inside. I think the next time I make it I am going to put mushrooms, onions and green peppers in place of the bacon. I think Canadian Bacon would taste great as well. So I’ll say this is a winner, and the recipe will definitely get filed away to be made again!

Spiced Pumpkin Bread

I had a can of Libby’s Pumpkin in my cabinet taking up some space, so I decided to make something with it. I figured the perfect thing to make would be a loaf of Spiced Pumpkin Bread. This is the perfect thing to grab for breakfast while heading out the door for work. And it’s such an easy thing to make since I always have all of the ingredients on hand.


  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 5 teaspoons ground allspice or pumpkin pie spice
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup LIBBY’S® 100% Pure Pumpkin
  • 1 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup Apple NESTLÉ® JUICY JUICE® All Natural 100% Juice
  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


PREHEAT oven to 350° F.

SIFT flour, allspice, baking powder, baking soda and salt into medium bowl.

Combine pumpkin, sugar, Juicy Juice, eggs, oil and vanilla extract in large bowl;  Stir well.

Stir in flour mixture just until moistened.

Spoon into greased 9 x 5-inch loaf pan.

BAKE for 65 to 70 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean.

Cool in pan on wire rack for 10 minutes; remove to wire rack to cool completely.

This was my first time using this recipe, and it wasn’t that bad. I added in a little extra spice to mine, and I’m so happy that I did. It calls for 5 teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice, which may sound like a lot, but it’s really not. If you think about the canned Pumpkin doesn’t give it any spice; just a subtle pumpkin flavor. So you need the spice to come from somewhere.  So I used the 5 teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice (all Penzeys, of course!) plus I used 1 teaspoon of freshly grated nutmeg, about 1/2 teaspoon of ginger and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I used regular Apple Juice and that worked out fine.  I think next time I’d use a little bit more brown sugar because I think it could be a tad sweeter. I baked mine for 58 minutes, which I think was plenty! So keep an eye on it. But for the first time making this, I was pretty happy with the result.

5 Ingredient Friday: Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Salad

This week’s 5 Ingredient Friday recipe is inspired by my CSA box! We’re on a Tomato and Basil overload this week, so I figured I’d make a delicious Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Salad for dinner one night. We had both Red Grape Tomatoes and Yellow Grape Tomatoes on hand, as well as a few Heirloom Tomatoes. You can use whatever kind of Tomatoes you have on hand as long as they are delicious!  This is so simple to make, and it tastes so fresh! And it’s a bonus that everything is organic and local.


  • Tomatoes (I used Red Grape Tomatoes & Yellow Grape Tomatoes)
  • Fresh Basil
  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
  • Salt & Pepper (freebies!)
  • Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar Reduction


Slice up the tomatoes and place them in a bowl. Slice the Mozzarella and then cut up into chunks. Place the cheese in the bowl around the tomatoes. Cut up the fresh Basil and sprinkle all over the Tomatoes and Mozzarella.  Drizzle some olive oil all over the salad. To finish it off, drizzle some of the Balsamic Vinegar Reduction all over. Season with salt and pepper, to taste.

This salad is so delicious and fresh tasting, it’s great for during the summer when you don’t want to turn on the stove or the oven.  We have so many tomatoes from our CSA that I didn’t know what to do with them all. But this was the perfect solution. And who doesn’t love an excuse to eat some fresh mozzarella?!

Atlantic City Wine & Food Festival: Guy’s Big Bite Brunch

So this past weekend was the Atlantic City Wine & Food Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I had the chance to attend four different events: Guy’s Cheese Steak Battle, Guy’s Big Bite Brunch, Sunny Anderson’s Sliders Party, and the Sweet & Stylish Party. Last year I had the opportunity to attend the Sliders Party and Sweet & Stylish Party. They were so much fun that we were sure to add them to our agenda this year. But we also wanted to attend a couple of new events.

Last year I had an opportunity to attend the Neely’s Gospel Brunch, which was buffet style. So I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Guy’s Brunch. But before I get into my review of the brunch, I want to give a shout out to someone on Facebook, Barbara. My friend and I were interested in going to Guy’s Big Bite Brunch, but tickets were SOLD OUT!  Someone else had commented on the fact that it was sold out on Atlantic City Food & Wine’s Facebook page and I also mentioned that I was interested in going but there weren’t any tickets left. Barbara sent me a Facebook message stating that she had tickets but something came up and she couldn’t attend, would I like to buy the tickets from her? Of course I said yes! I thought it was so nice of her to contact me about the tickets and send them to me. So Barbara, if you’re out there – thanks so much! I really appreciate it!

So…back to the brunch. You have to know it’s going to be outstanding when they hand you a Mimosa (or Bloody Mary, whichever you choose) before you even sit down!


And then check out this view…is it magnificent or what?!

So we were seated at an empty table. We weren’t sure how it was going to work…would we get our own table? Would they seat two other people with us? It turned out that they sat a couple, about our age, at our table. We lucked out. They were very nice and the conversation just flowed. It was a married couple that was from Wilmington, Delaware. We were happy to be seated with people we had something in common with. And they loved Mimosas as much as we did. We definitely kept our waiter Maurico busy!

Once we sat down, we were bombarded with forks!

With all of those forks at our place setting, we realized that we must be getting all of those items on the menu! We were ready to dig in!

Course 1: Atlantic Grill Breakfast Pastries with Whipped Maple Butter

I had just enough time for a tiny little pastry. I didn’t get a picture of it though.

Course 2: “Claudio’s” Buffalo Mozzarella and “Masters Farm” Jersey Fresh Tomatoes

This dish was absolutely amazing. The Jersey Tomatoes were fresh, juicy and flavorful, and the Buffalo Mozzarella was plentiful. The Balsamic Reduction had the perfect sweetness. This was definitely a great way to start off brunch!

Course 3: Cajun Fettuccini Alfredo

This Cajun Fettuccini (their spelling!) was amazing. It was creamy and not too spicy, which is great because I’m not a fan of spicy foods. The pasta was cooked perfectly. I couldn’t believe how much chicken they gave you! It was so juicy and tender, it just melted in your mouth. The Parmesan & green onions that were sprinkled on it took it to the next level. It just added an extra layer of flavor that made your taste buds dance.

Course 4: “Steak and Egg” – Grilled Filet Mignon, Poached Farm Egg, Homemade English Muffin, Chorizo Hollandaise

I was definitely looking forward to the Steak and Eggs, but I was a bit nervous about the Filet. You see, my meat has to be well done, and Filet usually isn’t. So I cut into the steak and I swore I heard a “Mooooooo!” It wasn’t even a little pink to me, it was kinda red! So I skipped that part and focused on the Poached Egg (which was delicious!) and the Chorizo Hollandaise sauce that I’d love to drink by the gallon! As Guy would say, that sauce was off da hook! And I loved how they weren’t stingy with it! The Homemade English Muffin was soft, tender and chewy. It was the perfect vehicle to sop up that Chorizo Hollandaise!

Course 5: “Guys” Baltimore Bad Boy Sandwich and Crispy Potato Flauta

I’m a huge fan of Rye bread, so I liked this sandwich before I even tasted it. It was a beef sandwich and it was very flavorful. It had a horseradish type sauce on it that kicked it up a notch. I enjoyed it very much, although part of me desired some cheese on it. But I guess that’s not how they roll in Baltimore, lol!

As for the Potato Flauta…I did not eat that. Once I heard what was in it (Black beans, etc) and saw the sauce on it, I wasn’t interested! But everyone else at the table that ate it seemed to enjoy it.

Course 6: “Guy’s Big Bite” French Toast

I must admit that this was one of the dishes I was most excited for when I read the menu. I love me some French Toast and I was so interested to see what kind of spin Guy would put on it. When they set the plate in front of me, I couldn’t wait to dig in. I tasted a piece of banana, expecting something on the sweeter side. But it wasn’t really sweet at all. It was more lemony than anything. I was looking forward to a sweet, velvety maple syrup, but it wasn’t that at all. It was heavy on the acid/citrus side and I was disappointed. This actually turned out to be my least favorite dish on the menu.

Course 7: Pretzel Crusted Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Well look at that! The Pretzel Crusted Chocolate Covered Strawberry was delicious! They came two on a plate, but sadly each person only got one (whaaaaaaat?! I have to share?!), but this is something you can easily make at home.  I love chocolate covered pretzels…it combines the sweet and salty flavors and never disappoints. Just add in a strawberry and it’s even better!  This was the perfect way to end the brunch. It was nice and light, not too heavy. Because after all of those different courses, I was pretty full! And don’t forget the Mimosas – I think everyone at our table had at least 10!

So all in all, this was an amazing event. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to attend, and if they offer this next year I’ll definitely buy tickets right away.

Brunch @ Supper

I had an opportunity to go to a Philly Food & Drink Blogger meet-up at Supper restaurant in Philadelphia. I go grocery shopping right across the street, so I’m always in that area, but I have never eaten there. So when I heard where the meet-up was going to be, not only was I excited to meet some fellow bloggers in my area, but I was so excited to try this restaurant out.

It was at Noon on a Saturday, so we got try some dishes off of their brunch menu. I absolutely love brunch. It’s the best of both worlds:  Breakfast and Lunch! There were passed trays of mini-Supper Burgers, mini-Supper Dogs, Dock Street Pancakes, Red Velvet Waffles and Dixie Biscuits. Everything was out of this world. I was so happy that I could try smaller portions of each dish.

The first dish that I indulged in was the Dixie Biscuit. It is two scrambled eggs, country ham and pimento cheese on cathead biscuit. If you order this sandwich at the restaurant, you also get grits and pickles with it, as seen in the picture.

The Dixie Biscuit was so full of flavor. When I heard there was pimento cheese on it, I was a little nervous since I’m not into pimentos. I had a bad experience when I was younger when my Grandmother would make me a sandwich made with pimento loaf. But I could not taste the pimento in this dish, so I was very happy about that. The Biscuit was excellent.  I thought there was a bit too much cheese on it, but I dealt with it because, well, I LOVE me some cheese!

Next up was the Red Velvet Waffles. They had a sweet cream cheese mousse, toasted pecans and bourbon cherries on them.

I was kind of nervous to try this dish. We all know I’m a cake lover, but for some odd reason I do not care for Red Velvet cake or cupcakes at all. I honestly don’t know why, but I don’t. The first time I had a Red Velvet Cupcake was at a taping of Guy Fieri’s show “Guy Off the Hook” at Chelsea Market. They served us lunch and the dessert was a red velvet cupcake. I didn’t like it. At all. A couple of months later I tried one again just in case it was just that specific recipe, but nope. Didn’t like it. Again. So I now just accept the fact that I don’t like it. That’s more for everyone else, right?

But I said to myself that I was going to try the waffles because who knows, maybe I’d like it. And I honestly thought they were very good. They didn’t taste all that red velvety to me, which was a good thing. I really enjoyed the sweet cream mousse – this was a fabulous touch to the dish. And the bourbon cherries?! YES PLEASE! They were so plump and flavorful, and it left me wanting more. The only thing I was “eh” about was the syrup – it was molasses based and was a bit too strong in my opinion. If it wasn’t so potent it would be much better.

Batting third was the Supper Burger with caramelized onions, smoked bacon, roasted tomato and gruyere, served with housemade pickles and duck fat fingerlings. I think this was the least impressive dish that I ate. I’m kind of picky about my burgers, so maybe that’s why. I need my burger to be well done, and this was a bit on the pink side. I also didn’t care much for the roasted tomato. I did enjoy the caramelized onions – they had a very good flavor to them. I would have been completely happy with just the smoked bacon and gruyere on it.

I did not try the Dock Street Pancakes – but they looked pretty good! Their menu says that they have caramelized bananas, vanilla suds and crushed pretzels. This one was topped with candied apples, vanilla suds and house-made cracker jacks.  Maybe they did a special version for the Phillies since they opened their season this weekend!  GO PHILLIES! 🙂

Last but definitely not least, I tried the Supper Dog. It is their famous housemade 100% pork shoulder dog, bacon wrapped and deep fried, with kraut, barbecued onions and beer mustard on a housebaked bun, w/ buttermilk fried pickles.  We were standing around chatting when the server brought the tray over, so I had to stand up and eat it. Keep in mind mine was a smaller version of this, but it was still a bit difficult to eat standing up. So I had to eat this by deconstructing it so that nothing fell on the floor.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good this was. I LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon, so it was good right off the bat because of the bacon. The roll was nice and toasty. I don’t care for sauerkraut, so I could have done without that. It was easy enough to take off though. I was a huge fan of the barbecued onion! It was the perfect addition to the bread when I had to eat that separately. I didn’t get to try the deep fried pickles, but I can bet that they were fabulous!

I’m so glad that I had a chance to check out Supper. It definitely has me curious about other items on their menu. One that especially caught my eye was the Pumpkin Pie French Toast with broken pie crust, spiced sour cream and candied pumpkin. So you can bet that I’ll be going back there to try that out.

Stop by for Happy Hour!

Supper Philly
926 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Twitter: @SupperPhilly