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I love desserts. I always have. One of my fondest memories is sitting on the rug in front of the sink in my Aunt’s kitchen stirring a huge pot of chocolate for Peanut Butter Balls. But I also grew up helping them cook as well. I was pinching pierogies as a child, as well as making Cocoa Krispy Treats. So I’ve always loved doing it all.

So I guess I should tell you a little bit about myself.  Well I’m a 30-something dessert lover living in Philly. I’m a huge sports fan and I love to shop, cook, bake, watch sports, movies, travel, and attend food & wine festivals. But most of all, I love cake. Birthday cake.  Cupcakes. Buttercream frosting. As you’ll see when you read about my Cupcake Excursions, I don’t like that whippy whipped cream-like frosting. I want the good stuff – with butter and sugar. And please – be sure you give me the corner with lots of flowers.  The more frosting, the better.

I started this blog back in 2009 for really no reason at all. I thought it would be therapeutic to have a way to express myself and I really didn’t expect anyone to read it.  But I started meeting people and networking and the rest is history. This is just something fun that I love to do, so I don’t put pressure on myself to knock out a post everyday and do this, that and the other thing. I post when I have something that I want to share with my readers and that’s what makes it fun for me.

I’ve met so many amazing people since I’ve started one curly fry in a box of the regular, and I’m always looking to make new friends! One of my fellow Philly food bloggers (say that 5 times in a row fast!) is Aly over at Cooking In Stilettos. We met through Sunny Anderson’s blog and it’s been so much fun building a friendship with her! I love that we have a lot in common and she’s a fellow food & wine festival lover!

I leave you with this:

“Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

~ Ernestine Ulmer


  1. hey there, so we do have some certain similarities. I too love sports especially basketball, I love to travel – my dream is to travel the world 🙂 I love food especially DESSERTS!

  2. Hi, stopping by from SITS Girls. Love your blog. My grandma always said, “Eat dessert first as you might not have room for it later.” Hope you achieve your dream.

  3. OMG!! We will get along great with you!! The more buttercream frosting the better! When we order cakes we always order tons of roses with extra border around all the edge and we still fight for the 4 corners!! And Whipped icing should have never been invented!! Ha Ha! We loved looking at all of your delicious recipes! We would love to have you share them at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party. We are also hosting a Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City on Feb. 16, 2013. You can find a link on our blog with more info! We would love to hear from you! -The Six Sisters

  4. It’s so nice to “meet” another Philly blogger! I found you through the blog 22nd and Philly. Can’t wait to read your posts!
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